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Introductie kleinverpakkingen Binnenvaart

The TotalEnergies small packages are given a new look. With a powerful, appealing design and new logos, the bottles (0.25 and 0.5 liters), bottles (1 liter) and cans (5 liters) stand out even more. 

The larger labels are also easier to read and more informative. The display is clear thanks to pictograms. This makes it easy to see for which engine and which vehicle make the oil is suitable.

Nieuwe kleinverpakkingen Total Automotive


New multigrade oil

The current range of Inland Marine will remain. The most important change is the introduction of CAPRANO TDK and TDK FE (API CK-4). These are new, high-quality multigrade oils for marine & fishery in addition to the existing CAPRANO TDH.

The TotalEnergies monograde CAPRANO lubricants for commercial shipping remain. TOTAL NEPTUNA oil is reserved for pleasure craft. 

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